ChartAid - Nobeltec Users

Nobeltec VNS and Admiral:

ChartAid Raster charts and Photo charts have been tested with Nobeltec VNS 9, VNS 10, and Admiral 11. 

Installing Charts:

After you have generated your ChartAid Raster or Photo chart(s), you must install the new chart(s) using Nobeltec before they can be displayed.  To install your new chart(s):

  1. Click menu 'File' then menu 'Chart Table ...'
  2. Click the 'Install' tab
  3. Select 'Raster & Photo Charts' from the Install Type: selection
  4. Click 'Leave chart(s) on the original media'
  5. Press the 'Browse...' button
  6. For Raster Charts, select the directory 'C:\Chartkit\ChartAid\RasterCharts' and then click 'OK'; for Photo Charts, select the directory 'C:\Chartkit\ChartAid\PhotoCharts' and then click 'OK'
  7. Press the 'Select All' button
  8. Press the 'Install' button
  9. Press the 'Done' button
  10. Press the 'Display Raster Charts' or 'Display Photo Charts' icon on the Nobeltec toolbar

At this point you should be able to display the ChartAid Raster charts or Photo charts with Nobeltec.

Uninstalling or Changing Charts:

If you want to change an existing chart you will need to first uninstall the chart using Nobeltec before re-installing it.  There are two methods to uninstall existing charts:

  1. The normal method is to use Nobeltec's uninstall function.  This method is recommended when you are dealing with a small number of charts.  The uninstall steps are:
    1. Press the menu 'File' then menu 'Chart Table ...'
    2. Click the 'Uninstall' tab
    3. Select 'Raster & Photo Charts' from the selection
    4. Select the chart(s) to be uninstalled
    5. Press the 'Uninstall' button
    6. Press the 'Done' button

  2. Another method is to delete Nobeltec's Raster/Photo working files.  This method is recommended when you are dealing with a large number of charts.  However, you should not use this method if you are not comfortable deleting Nobeltec's working files or if you have previously used Nobeltec "Copy the charts(s) to" option when installing charts.  I use this method when I have made a number of new charts but don't want to deal with which charts are old and which charts are new.  I simply uninstall all of the Nobeltec Raster or Photo charts and then re-install all of the ChartAid charts.  The uninstall steps are:
    1. Close the Nobeltec program
    2. Open the "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Jeppesen Marine\Charts" directory
    3. To uninstall all Raster Charts, delete BSBChart.txt file
    4. To uninstall all Photo Charts, delete MaptechPhotoCharts.txt file
    5. Re-start the Nobeltec program

Now you are ready to install the changed chart(s). 

Special Considerations for Photo Charts:

The Photo Charts work as expected with the following exceptions:

  1. Nobeltec supports only 256 colors for Photo Charts.  A slight difference may be seen between the ChartAid image and the Nobeltec image. 

  2. When installing the Photo Charts with VNS 10 and Admiral 11 you must select the option to "Leave chart(s) on the original media"

    If you stick with the default option for "Copy the charts(s) to:", Nobeltec will copy the charts and everything will appear to be OK.  Unfortunately, each time you start Nobeltec a duplicate entry will be added for each Photo Chart that was copied previously.  Before long, Nobeltec will have lots of references to the same chart. 

    You can see these multiple entries when you open a new chart with File>Chart Table...>Open>All Charts>Naviagtion Photos>Maptech Photo Charts. 

    If you have inadvertentally used the default "Copy the chart(s) to:" option, be careful when uninstalling the charts.  You must uninstall each duplicate chart one at a time.  If you uninstall the duplicate charts as a block, Nobeltec will crash. 

  3. VNS 9 supports the overlay of photo charts on top of existing vector and raster charts, Overlay of ChartAid Photo Charts.  Your photo charts can be displayed using VNS 10 and Admiral 11; however, these versions of Nobeltec do not support the overlaying of photo charts on top of existing charts. 

If you have any questions, please contact Bill Stockton.

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