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Many people have found satellite images to be helpful in supplementing their information about a particular area.  The ChartAid program offers you the ability to save Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps and Nokia Maps printable images as Raster Charts or Photo Charts to be used with your favorite navigation program.  The charts are geographically referenced to WGS84: 

ChartAid benefits boaters whose charts are inaccurate, outdated, or of poor resolution.  My wife and I are currently cruising in Mexico and find the local charts are off by one to three miles.  Having the detailed ChartAid charts has been helpful. 

Using ChartAid:

The ChartAid program is easy to use and requires three simple steps to create and save a chart:

  1. Select the location of interest and image source, Location Window.  Using the interface you can pan and zoom the display or enter the latitude and longitude directly. 
  2. Define the desired scale and resolution and then select the chart type, Resolution Window
  3. Enter the chart name, adjust image quality versus file size, and then save the image as a Raster Chart, Raster Chart Window or a Photo Chart, Photo Chart Window

The ChartAid program supports Google Earth, Google Maps, Bing Maps and Nokia Maps printable images.  Five different interfaces are provided:

In addition to the ability to easily produce single charts, the ChartAid program also makes it easy to produce multiple charts for a given location.  Two different Multiple Charts options are provided:

Installing Charts for use with your Navigation Program:

Before a ChartAid chart can be used with your navigation program, the chart must be installed using that program. 

Installing charts is different for each navigation program, so check your instructions for installing charts.  For example, with Coastal Explorer the installation of the charts is simple - Coastal Explorer automatically scans the default folder "C:\Chartkit" for any available charts.  With Nobeltec or RayTech Navigator you have to install each chart manually. 


ChartAid Program Tips:

Navigation Program Tips:

Usage of Google Earth, Google Maps, Bing Maps and Nokia Maps Images and ChartAid Charts:

The Google Earth and Google Maps images are copyrighted by Google, the Bing Maps images are copyrighted by Microsoft, and the Nokia Maps images are copyrighted by Nokia.  For your edification and personal determination regarding the use of copyrighted Google images go to Google's website, for the use of copyrighted Microsoft images go to Microsoft's website, and for the use of copyrighted Nokia images go to Nokia's website.  Any output from the ChartAid program is for your own personal use only and may not be sold or distributed.  If you have any reservations or questions, please do not use ChartAid.

System Requirements:

ChartAid is a standard Windows program.  The program has been tested with Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and Mac running Parallels and VMware. 

In order to create a chart, the ChartAid program requires access to the internet.  Depending on the resolution of the chart and the internet speed, it can take several seconds to minutes to download the Google Earth, Google Maps, Bing Maps and Nokia Maps printable image.  For high resolution charts high speed internet is preferable. 

Free Trial:

Download a free trial of ChartAid.


Purchase a license for ChartAid.


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