ChartAid - OpenCPN Users


ChartAid Raster charts have been tested with OpenCPN 4.0.  OpenCPN currently does not support Photo or GeoTIFF charts. 

Installing Charts:

OpenCPN Options

After you have generated your ChartAid Raster charts, you must install the new charts using OpenCPN before they can be displayed.  To install your new charts:

1) Click the 'Options' toolbar button at the top of the OpenCPN window.

2) Click the 'Charts' toolbar button at the top of the OpenCPN Options window (shown to the left).

3) Click the 'Chart Files' tap button.

4) If 'C:\ChartKit' directory is not listed then add 'C:\ChartKit\ChartAid' directory.  See Chart Storage/Installation for addition information on where charts are stored. 

5) Check the Update Control checkbox 'Force Full database Rebuild'.

6) Click 'OK' button.

Displaying Charts:


After the ChartAid charts have been installed you can view the charts just like any other charts. 

The picture on the left shows Caleta Partida anchorage on Isla Partida near La Paz Mexico. 

If you have any questions, please contact Bill Stockton.

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