ChartAid - Updating Your Charts

The ChartAid Profile "Batch Processing" feature allows you to easily update your charts with the latest Google Map images. 

ChartAid - Profile Settings Window

ChartAid - Profiles Batch

The picture on the left is a screen shot of Profile Settings where the user has enabled "Batch Processing".

A list of all your profiles is provided along with the date of the corresponding chart.  You can select individual charts for update or all the charts. 

To start the update process click the 'Start Batch' button. 

Note: Installing your updated charts is different for each navigation program, so check your instructions for installing and uninstalling charts.  For example, with Coastal Explorer you don't need to do anything because the program automatically scans for changes in its chart folders.  On the other hand, with Nobeltec you need to manually 'Uninstall' the old charts and then 'Install' the new charts. 

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