ChartAid - Editing Your Charts

A ChartAid Profile allows you to save and recall the ChartAid settings associated with any area of interest.  Using the saved Profile you can return to that location without having to manually re-enter the required information into ChartAid.  This makes it easier to add or change charts for a particular area. 

ChartAid - Profile Settings Window

ChartAid - Profiles

The picture on the left is a screen shot of Profile Settings.

The "Automatically Save Profile with Chart" option will save a ChartAid Profile whenever you save a ChartAid chart.  The automatically generated Profile will use the chart's name for quick reference.  Unless you change the name of the folder, your Profiles will be stored in the default Profile Folder as shown in the picture. 

To recall an existing Profile click the 'Recall Profile' button and your list of Profiles will be displayed in a selection window. 

Batch processing of profile files is also available.  This is helpful in updating your charts with the latest Google Maps images. 

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