ChartAid - Google Earth Program

ChartAid has the ability to capture images from the Google Earth Program.  This interface allows the user to access special datasets and display features of the Google Earth Program and to use KML, KMZ and ETA data.  The user can fine tune the image size and resolution by changing the Google Earth Program's display window size. 

Shown in the example below is a screen shot from the Google Earth Program for the Costa Baja Marina area in La Paz, Mexico.

Google Earth Program

Using the Google Earth Program within ChartAid is a three step process:

  1. Using the ChartAid Location Window select the Google Earth Program option, enter the initial Latitude, Longitude and Range, then press the 'Update Location' button.  This will start your Google Earth Program and load the initial location. 
  2. Using the Google Earth Program fine tune the area of interest.  You can also adjust the Google Earth Program window size to adjust the resolution.  Any changes that you make with the Google Earth Program will be reflected in the ChartAid Resolution Window. 
  3. When you are satisfied with the Google Earth Program settings, press the ChartAid 'Update Resolution' button.  Then review the image displayed in the ChartAid Resolution Window and press the 'Generate Raster' or 'Generate Photo' button to generate a chart. 

Shown in the example below are screen shots of the ChartAid Location Window and Resolution Window. 

ChartAid - Location Window

ChartAid - Resolution Window

To use the Google Earth Program interface you will need to download the latest version of the "Google Earth Program".  This program is available from Google free of charge. 

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